About Me

I'm a producer, director, writer, and editor with more than 25 years experience. Currently, I have a development deal with Time Warner's TruTV Network.   I've worked my way from the ground up as cameraman.          

I've worked as a script doctor many times over the years and continue to do so.                                                                                                         

I've worked on productions local and abroad.  So I'm familiar with the challenges of producing outside of the US.

I have experience in Features, Television, Music Videos, Commercials, and Corporate production.                                                                            

Short Client List:                                                                                                                  ABC, NBC, USA Network, CBS, HBO, Turner Television, MTV, BET, Dick Clark Prods., Discovery Channel Networks, Wall Street Journal, Verizon, AT&T, MRM Worldwide, Campbell Soup, J & J, BMS, Jeff Franklin Prods., and many more.                                                              

In my spare time I've created a few iOS Apps.  Check them out at www.me2games.com